Boost Your Privacy and Security

Leave your fence installation to our team in Manor, TX

Fencing has many uses. Maybe you want to increase the privacy in your outdoor living area. Maybe you want to make your property more secure. Either way, the pros at Jesus's RISE have a fence for you. We'll even make sure your fence installation abides by your HOA's restrictions. And once the installation is complete, we'll have two people do a final inspection.

We can also replace, recoat and repaint fencing that's been knocked over by a storm, chewed on by animals or covered by mildew.

If your old fence needs a little TLC, we can do that too. Contact our fence repair contractor in Manor, TX ASAP to receive fast repair services.

Learn about the different types of fences we install

With over a decade of experience, no fence installation job is too big for us. You can count on us to install:

  • Live wire cattle fencing that keeps your livestock on the ranch
  • Metal fencing that increases your property's resale value
  • Gabion fencing that boosts your property's curb appeal

We also have the necessary equipment and experience to do fence repairs, maintenance and coating. Having trouble with animals chewing on your fence? We have products for that too.

Dial 512-994-6357 now to discuss your needs with a member of our staff.